Monday, 12 November 2012

My Challenge

Welcome to my very first post on FairEnough. Let me begin by explaining why I started this blog...

Well, at the beginning there was a challenge!
I love clothes and shopping, but over the last while the unjust and unethical circumstances under which most of our clothes are made started to weigh heavily on my mind. I became increasingly interested in fairtrade fashion and started to toy with the idea of no longer buying and supporting unethically produced clothes.

After my recent move and fresh start into a new job, I finally decided to make a commitment. I have set myself the challenge to only buy fairtrade and sustainable clothing for a year. This started at the beginning of October 2012, so I am already a good month in. So far so good.

But why the blog?
On FairEnough I will up-date on how my little experiment is going. I hope that this blog will be encouraging and inspiring to readers who may feel similarly about the clothing industry. My aim is not make anyone feel bad or guilty and FairEnough is as much to support and motivate myself as anybody else.

Beyond this, FairEnough is here to highlight, show-case and support everything to do with fairtrade and sustainable fashion, from shops and designers to events and even life-style choices. As I go through my year, I will share with you all my faitrade discoveries from Belfast, Dublin and the whole Island of Ireland.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy the blog!

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