The Challenge

What is it all about?
If you're like me then you love beautiful clothes and the feeling of getting something new that makes you look and feel gorgeous... 
However, over the last year I have become more and more concerned with questions as to where and how all the clothes we buy so cheaply are made. At first my concerns would go out the window whenever I saw a beautiful dress, or a gorgeous pair of shoes, but they never quite went away and over time they grew stronger. I realised that with my actions, I was contributing to and supporting social injustice. Think about it: there is no way that the clothes we buy in our glitzy highstreet shops can be fairly produced for such a low price...
Still, I had this vision in my head of having to wear tie dye t-shirts, cotton tunics and aladdin pants for the rest of my life, if I were to buy fair trade. How wrong I was! After going on a bit of a discovery I realised that it is absolutely possible to dress ethically and sustainably without having to say good-bye to fashion and style.

So after my recent move to Belfast I finally made a Commitment. My challenge was to only buy Fair trade, Second-hand or Vintage clothes for a year starting from October 2012. 

I started this blog to keep track and update on how my little experiment is going and to share some of my new outfits with you. More than that, FairEnough is here to highlight, show-case and support everything to do with fair trade and sustainable fashion, from shops and designers to events and even life-style choices. Each week I will try to share all my fair trade finds with you.

I can hardly believe that this is has been over a year already... I have sinced moved back to Switzerland, but I am committed to keeping FairEnough alive - and now bilingual! As for my challenge: I am still shopping as ethically and sustainably as possible... however, I had to make a few concessions. Find out more about the future of FairEnough here.

The aim of this blog is not to make anyone feel bad or guilty, but to encourage and inspire! Buying fair trade is not easy and yes, it is more expensive, but maybe it is time we reconsidered what value for money really means.

Of course I would love to hear from you too! Let's support ethical fashion together. For more details visit my Contact page. 


  1. This is a great challenge! How's it going so far..something I am definitely thinking about doing myself! I blogged about the Bangladesh disaster last week's haunted me!

  2. Ah thanks! Your blog is great too and really moving post on Bangladesh!

  3. Found you through your post on Honest Thistle in Pitlochry - a favourite shop of mine - and such a little gem up here! I live just up from Pitlochry in Moulin, and although I am not open to the public at the moment, I design and make clothing using Scottish tweeds, and also use denim, cord and fleece - I've never promoted myself as ethical/fair-trade clothing, but maybe I am! I'm interested to hear what you think? It's just me in my garage, and I am a full-time mum to two beautiful girls....thus the lack of retail space right now. You can see my work at ! Keep up the good work - would love to hear your thoughts!

  4. Hi! I'm so sorry I'm only getting back to you now! Life has been just so busy, and I've been taking a bit of a creative break from the blog... but back now! just had a look at a few of your things and they look amazing. Why don't you send me an email to: and we can chat some more?